Generative AI, Algorithm and Data Science Services

Firms are increasingly adopting and embedding algorithms and "Generative AI" into their operating models. This innovation is enabling companies to differentiate themselves in the market and improve the efficiency with which they provide goods and services to customers.

Generative AI and Algorithms are now responsible for a whole host of applications, from targeting consumers with bespoke advertisements, through to product recommendations and filtering what content we see online (to name just a few).

With these Generative AI and algorithms capable of processing vastly more data than before, and the ability to adapt to each unique interaction of an individual customer, the prospects for businesses to capitalise and take a competitive advantage in the market have never been greater.

With new and quickly evolving technology, regulations and guidelines are still developing, which created a challenging accountability, transparency and compliance landscape for algorithms.

Our specialist Advanced "Generative AI" and Algorithm Development Teams can help organisations with our range of development and assurance expertise in "Generative AI" and algorithm technology, risk management and coding skills. Our approach gives careful consideration to relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards and leverages of our proprietary algorithm control framework and validation methodologies, which we have developed while working across different industries and sectors.

DataClue can assist organisations in identifying and understanding how to ethically use and deploy "Generative AI" and algorithms. We can also challenge related governance and oversight, examine the adequacy of algorithm policies and procedures, identify, manage and mitigate risks. Moreover, we can assess whether the control framework meets industry best practice, or relevant defined standards. Where needed, we will also support specific algorithm review activities, including code reviews, making use of our specialist coding teams across a range of programming languages.

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